*All Voto products are currently only available in Kenya

Our Original Cellphone Charger/Lighting Solution.

Introducing the VOTO. The low-cost biomass-fueled cellphone charger and LED light.

No more leaving your home to charge your phone or dealing with dangerous kerosene at night. The VOTO easily integrates into your cook stove, simply cook to charge the unit. Easy to use and convenient.

As you cook, our fuel cell generates electricity that is then stored inside the VOTO charging unit. The VOTO charging unit can become fully charged* in as few as two cooking sessions.

Technical specifications:

USB standard output: 5V ~500mA max
LED output: 25 lumens
6 5/8"L x 1 7/8"W x 1 3/8"H
Weight: 0.52 lbs (236 g)

*4000 mAh, 1.2V; 4.8Wh
**Up to 30 hrs of light time when fully charged.


The Perfect Lighting Solution For Home Use.

The VOTO Lite's only focus is to provide you with long-lasting bright, clean light. Perfect for those night time studies without the unneccessary hazards of kerosene.

Technical specifications:

LED output: 36 lumens
4 5/16"L x 1 3/4"W x 1"H
Weight: 0.21 lbs (94 g)

*Up to 22 hrs of light time when fully charged.


A Cellphone Charging Unit For Your Feature Phone.

Cook, charge, and go. That's the concept behind the VOTO Dash. Designed to charge your cellphone while you cook. It's light, yet powerful. Our most affordable VOTO product.

Technical specifications:

5.5V output, ~400mA max
1 3/8"L x 1 1/4"W x 7/8"H
Weight: 0.04 lbs (19 g)

VOTO Charge

Our Simple Battery Charging Solution.

Have other electronic devices that need powering? The VOTO Charge can help. This simple design allows you to charge the included rechargable AA batteries to be used with your favorite radio, toys, cameras, etc.

Technical specifications:

Charge up to 2 AA batteries simultaneously while you cook.
Use only rechargable AA batteries in unit.

2 5/8"L x 1 1/2"W x 3/4"H
Weight: 0.17 lbs (78.5 g)

*5200 mAh, 1.2V; 6.2Wh


Allows the use of all our VOTO products in a traditional cooking fire.

Not everyone cooks the same. For those not using charcoal cook stoves, the Tatu insert allows you to charge any VOTO product from traditional three-stone cook stoves to open fires.

Technical specifications:

5.5"D x 4"H
Weight: 0.34 lbs (154 g)
Stainless Steel